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Trees of all species and sizes

Ebben specialises in multi-stem trees, climbing trees, trees for avenues and parks, characteristic trees and solitary shrubs. At our nursery we cultivate all species, shapes and sizes, from small shrubs to park trees with trunk circumferences of no less than a metre and a half. You are sure to find the right selection in the right size and quantity to meet all your green requirements at Ebben Nurseries. 

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Innovation in colour, texture and application

Attention to innovation in colours, textures and applications is an important principle at our tree nursery. These innovations can be seen in our range of climate trees, native and exotic multi-stem trees and robust climbing and tree-house trees, for example. Our climate trees can withstand extreme heat and cold and therefore form a strong selection for now and the future. Our colourful native and exotic multi-stem trees - an unusual range that is unique within Europe - offer endless possibilities in outdoor spaces, thanks to their rich diversity of colours and shapes. And our robust climbing trees and tree-house trees primarily provide experience of nature and lots of fun. Ebben carries out continuous research into the application of trees in outdoor spaces, to ensure a strong and sustainable range and therefore to give your green project every chance of success All our trees are also cultivated with respect for the environment, which results in sustainable and strong trees.

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Gain inspiration at our tree nursery

There are a wide range of trees to view at our 450-hectare tree nursery. We would be delighted to invite you on a nursery tour to gain some inspiration. Heading outside, laying your hand on the trunk and experiencing the feeling a tree creates, whether it's a multi-stem, topiary tree or standard tree. Our green specialists will work with you to find the trees that can strengthen your green project. This way you can weigh up technical considerations such as underground dimensions, soil type and other growing location conditions straight away.

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