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Visit our 450-hectare nurseries with multi-stem trees, climbing trees, trees for avenues and parks characteristic trees and solitary shrubs. And see our 1,400 m² roof gardens with a wide variety of multi-stem fruit trees.
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Know-how to grow
Know-how to grow
For us, know-how to grow means that we look and think beyond simple cultivation and supply of trees. With a team of highly trained and skilled employees, we are happy to advise you on choice of species and assist with development of the plan to make your green project a success. Our planting advisors Discover our know-how to grow
Do you know-how to grow?

Do you know-how to grow?

More than 80 permanent employees work for Ebben Nurseries in front of or behind the scenes to achieve green projects. All these employees - whether they are standing in the soil or speaking to you over the phone - have one thing in common: they think green. We are always open to green and sector specialists or other enthusiastic hard workers who can strengthen our team. What is your growth strength?

Ebben Nurseries offers a wide range of green jobs. From growers who like to get their hands dirty working with greenery to passionate professionals who express our vision and mission. Would you like to work at one of the largest tree nurseries in Europe? Complete the open applications for one of the following roles:

Green professional

Experienced tree growers and green professionals or talents will find independent and varied work at our tree nursery. Depending on your work experience and affinity, you can specialise or develop further in many different directions.

  • Are you a tree grower or experienced pruner/shaper?
  • Do you have an agrarian background (horticulture / horticulture mechanisation)?
  • Are you a talented hard worker with green fingers?
Complete the open application for a green professional

Seasonal worker / self-employed individual

Of course our work depends on the seasons. We therefore work with a permanent team of outdoor employees including around 45 green individuals as well as a large number of seasonal workers or self-employed individuals who we can deploy flexibly at peak times and possibly to supplement staff in other periods. From March to June, we always need extra green hands for all tasks at the nursery.

  • Are you experienced in growing trees, pruning and shaping trees, horticulture or horticulture mechanisation or do you have a different green professional background?
  • Can you work flexibly?
  • Are you at least available in the period from March to June?
Complete the open application for a seasonal worker / self-employed individual

Placement or apprenticeship

Ebben Nurseries is a recognised training company and offers placements and apprenticeships for the green sector. If you are ready to get down to work as an aspiring tree grower or in another placement or apprenticeship, you will definitely discover all sides of your profession in our nursery and build up your practical experience. And maybe you’ll find a permanent job with us straight after your training, as a promising school-leaver.

  • Are you completing green training in the Netherlands or abroad?
  • Are you keen to learn and motivated?
  • Do you like greenery?
  • Working hours from 7.30 to 16.30 (variable between 6.00 and 21.00 in peak season.)
Complete the open application for a placement / apprenticeship

Holiday work / temporary work

Particularly in the peak season - from March to June - but also in the summer period, we can regularly use people who are ready to roll up their sleeves. As a holiday worker, you will work at the nursery with the uprooting machine, cherry picker or other machines, carry out pruning or planting activities or support the nursery employees with other tasks.

  • Do you like to work outside?
  • Are you aged 15 or above?
  • Do you have an affinity for greenery or technology?
  • Are you not afraid of hard work?
  • Working hours from 7.30 to 16.30 (variable between 6.00 and 21.00 in peak periods.)


Complete the open application for holiday work / temporary work
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