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Trees in the planting plan

Trees in the planting plan

For landscape architects, trees form important elements to create structure and atmosphere, in combination with other planting and the structures within the design. In order to produce the desired final look, a number of factors need to be taken into account in the selection of the trees:

The growing location conditions

  • Soil type: what kind of soil will the tree be planted in?

  • Groundwater level: what are the average high and low groundwater levels?

  • Available space below ground level

  • Dimensions above ground level: how wide and high is the tree able and intended to grow?

  • Other location factors, such as geographical position, paving and wind

The design

  • Designer's vision: shape, texture and structure, height and width, colours, seasonal effects, atmosphere and accents

  • The function of the tree: e.g. play tree, ecology, cultural history or native 

Once the choice of species has been decided, it is recommended that the trees should be drawn into the design based on their mature crown diameter. It will then be clear straight away whether or not there is sufficient space for the species in question and whether there will be any problems in the future, due to public lighting, for example.

What is the budget for management?

What is the budget for management?

When choosing the species, it is important not to forget the budget available for management. A designer may have an avenue of neatly trimmed block trees in mind as a desired final look, but if there is insufficient budget for annual pruning, this desired final look will unfortunately never be achieved. Leaf fall, fruit fall, insects in the tree (such as lice in certain lime species and species that attract wasps), imprints on paving and branch breakages are also management factors that need to be carefully weighed up.

Selecting trees at the nursery

Would you like to gain some inspiration for the choice of species in your planting plan? At our nursery, we can look at which trees will strengthen your green project together. Our green specialists will be happy to work with you to find the right tree for the right place and can show you a wide range of species and sizes. Trees that will determine the look of the design, such as avenue planting, multi-stems and solitary trees can best be selected by a purchasing board. The designer and client will select the trees at the nursery themselves, in order to make a carefully considered choice, weighing up the aesthetic quality and available budget.

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