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Trees for estates and parks

Parks form atmospheric, green oases of rest in the busy urban environment. They function as large public gardens, in which trees and shrubs determine the character and experience. Every season gives the park a new look.

Greenery also plays a key role in the total landscaping concept for estates and country-house gardens. Each landscaping style is associated with a carefully selected range of trees and bushes, with large trees and solitary shrubs creating a stately appearance.

Atmospheric park or grand estate?

Atmospheric park or grand estate?

Ebben Nurseries has the right trees and shrubs for any estate or park.

Find the right tree for your project

Reference projects estates and parks

  • Park Frankendael, de Kas restaurant and fruit orchard, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • Vondelpark, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • Ramparts, Haarlem, the Netherlands

  • Frerikspark, Haarlem, the Netherlands

  • Westertuin, Breda, the Netherlands

  • Chassé Park, Breda, the Netherlands

  • Halvezolenpark, Waalwijk, the Netherlands

  • Norbertushof, Gennep, the Netherlands

  • Goudensteinpark, Nieuw-Vennep, the Netherlands

  • Maximapark, Utrecht, the Netherlands

  • ‘Huis de Torentjes’ Estate, Maastricht, the Netherlands

  • Park Matilo, Leiden, the Netherlands

  • City Park Maastricht, the Netherlands

  • Weijerpark, Boxmeer, the Netherlands

  • Fraterstuin, Goirle, the Netherlands

  • Clingendael, The Hague, the Netherlands

  • Transvaal, The Hague, the Netherlands

  • Kronenburgerpark, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

  • Park Brakkenstein, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

  • Municipal Gardens, Amersfoort, the Netherlands

  • Graeterhof Estate, Swalmen, the Netherlands

  • Helfta Convent, Halle, Germany

  • Schloss Moyland, Kleve, Germany

  • Château de Versailles, Paris, France

  • Château de Villandry, Villandry, France

  • Parc de la Bouquetière, Sargé-lès-Le Mans, France

  • Park Château de Rentilly, France

  • Jardin Andalou Val Europe, Serris, France

  • Park Pasteur, Rouen, France

  • La Forêt Noire, Nancy, France

  • Parc de la Pépinière, Nancy, France

  • Parc de Montaigu, Nancy, France

  • Parc de Beauregard, Rennes, France

  • Private estate, Sevenoaks, Kent, England

  • City park, Parvois, Luxembourg

  • City park, Legnica, Poland

  • Sudpark, Basel, Switzerland

  • The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

  • Presidential Palace, Grozny, Chechnya

  • Millenieskogen, Malmö, Sweden

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