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Landscape development is receiving more and more attention in outdoor spaces, for both urban and rural environments. In the face of increasing urbanisation, rural areas deserve to be nurtured. Planting plays an indispensable role in this, in the development of ecological connection zones or natural water reservoirs, for example. But trees and other plants also make an important contribution to infrastructure projects around railways, dikes or canals. Green structures contribute to the natural experience here, but also function to connect or demarcate.

Green development of outdoor spaces?

Green development of outdoor spaces?

Ebben Nurseries offers a wide range of trees and other plants for use in national and international green projects.

Find the right tree for your project

Reference projects other

  • Station environment, ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

  • Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

  • Tramline 15, Rijswijk, the Netherlands

  • Betuwe line, the Netherlands

  • Noordendijk, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

  • ‘De Hoven’ landscape development, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

  • Benelux line, Schiedam, the Netherlands

  • A28 motorway, Assen, the Netherlands

  • Dike reinforcement, Tiel, the Netherlands

  • Tramline, Brussels, Belgian coast, Belgium

  • Brussel-Schuman Station, Brussels, Belgium

  • Düsseldorf International Airport, Germany

  • Tramline, Augsburg, Germany

  • Eurospeedway, Ober Lausitz, Dresden, Germany

  • Border crossing, Gorlitz, Germany

  • Airport, Leipzig, Germany

  • Rhine Danube canal, Regensburg, Germany

  • Stadt und Regionalbahn, Zwickau, Germany

  • Le Tramway, Dijon, Paris and Strasbourg, France

  • Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport terminal and parking garage, Paris, France

  • 'Orme' multifunctional green development area, Pleumeleuc, France

  • Pont Mathilde, Rouen, France

  • Port Autonome, Rouen, France

  • Zurich Airport, Switzerland

  • Urban Ecology, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Park CITY 1 and CITY 2, Strakonice, Czech Republic

  • Motorway, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Private Garden Raeren, Belgium

  • Private Garden Roksem Belgium

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