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Exhibitions and Events

Exhibitions and Events

Ebben present Ebben present

Exhibitions and Events

November 2020

17 - 18 November FutureScape London, United Kingdom
25 - 26 November Traffic & Mobility Day Houten, The Netherlands

January 2021

12 - 15 January Infratech The Netherlands Rotterdam, The Netherlands
12 - 14 January Horticultural Sector Trade Fair Hardenberg, The Netherlands Icon
15 - 24 January International Green Week Berlin Berlin, Germany
26 - 29 January International Plant Fair - IPM Essen, Germany Icon

February 2021

04 February Public Spaces Trade Fair Belgium Brussels, Belgium Icon
04 February Climate Trade Fair Belgium Brussels, Belgium Icon
12 - 14 February Gardenia Poznań, Poland
25 - 28 February Garden Idea Den Bosch, The Netherlands

April 2021

22 April Climate Trade Fair The Netherlands Houten, The Netherlands Icon

June 2021

08 June Public Spaces & Light Trade Fair Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

November 2021

30 November - 02 December Paysalia Lyon, France Icon

January 2022

11 - 13 January Infratech Germany Essen, Germany
21 - 30 January International Green Week Berlin Berlin, Germany
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