Parks: the city's green lungs

Parks: the city's green lungs

Parks and rural estates

Parks are the green lungs of a city. In parks and on rural estates, the planting sites of trees come as close as possible to their natural conditions and they get the space to grow. Thus, parks are where ecosystem services are most clearly reflected.

The design of the parks over the centuries is a reflection of society. In the Middle Ages the hunting forests were private domains, in the 17th and 18th centuries they were used to show off wealth, and from the middle of the 18th century the English landscape parks indeed became a window to show how worldly a person was. Subsequently, philanthropists brought the English landscape park to the city, and so the first parks where the public could walk or go boating were created. However, it took until the 1930s, with the development of the public parks in Germany, before the park took on more functions.

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Functions of the park

People are attaching ever more value to a green living environment. Green spaces are used more and more intensively and in increasingly diverse ways. And whether they are new parks, existing parks or existing parks to which new elements have been added, nature parks or urban parks, each park has several different functions:

1. Sustainable use of nature

The park offers different ecosystem services, such as cooling, water storage, improving air quality, CO2 reduction; services which contribute to a better living environment.

2. Recreation and experience

Nature is an attractive environment for diverse forms of recreation; for young and old. Parks invite people to relax, walk, cycle, exercise or play, which may or may not be combined with educational elements. Parks offer the opportunity for social contacts. In this way parks are good for health.

3. Conservation and recovery of biodiversity

Animals and plants are given space in parks. This can be enhanced through ecological management and by linking different parks (inside and outside towns) with each other.

The tree canopy

The tree canopy

Instead of concrete, stone and glass, the environment in a park is green. For trees, that is the tree canopy. Maintaining these conditions presents a challenge. Where do the trees come from? Are they resistant to drought, heat, water shortage or even flooding? And how are we dealing with them? No tree likes a footbed of mown grass or swept leaves. The various interests which the park must serve make the choice of planting a complicated playing field. A thorough knowledge of trees and extensive planting knowledge are required for this.

Ebben Nurseries not only has an extensive range of trees and other planting for laying out and maintaining parks, Ebben consultants are also specialists in projects where the variety of planting defines the identity and environment. Green environment is increasingly attracting the attention that it deserves. And the shift to mixed planting and space to allow a tree to age healthily in its natural shape fits in perfectly with the vision and passion of Ebben Nurseries.

Trees for parks

Trees for parks

For the design of parks, trees and shrubs play a decisive role in the character and experience.  Every landscape style has a sophisticated range of these. Ebben Nurseries offers the right trees and shrubs for every park.

You can see the range of park trees here
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