The collection of packaging does only happen in consultation with our logistics department. We do not collect small quantities of packaging. After completing the form below, our logistics department will contact you to make further arrangements and discuss the possibilities.


1. Save the shipping list you receive from us after delivery, there you can find the number and type of packaging delivered to you. We do not accept packaging that we have not delivered in the same season.

2. Collect the packaging materials and prepare them according to the example pictures below. Please make sure that it is stored at a central location and accessible location for our driver. We can reject packaging that is not stabled as asked bellow or if it contains other trash.

3. Fill in the form with the number of materials to be collected.

4. Our logistics department will contact you within 5 working days, to schedule a collection appointment. The transport cost needs to be lower than the total packaging we are collecting. Our logistics will inform you after they receive the completed form. We apply a minimum limit of 500 euro packaging value within the Benelux and outside this area only by mutual agreement. Our logistics will inform you after they receive the completed form.

5. After collection, the packaging materials will be checked, and you will receive a credit note for the recycled goods. The credited amount is slightly lower than the sales value due to administration, transport and wear and tear costs.

6. Would you like to return the goods yourself? Please make an appointment via fust@ebben.nl

Enter below for each image how much you have of each type of Packing. Leave it blank if you don't have one.

Block pallets (100 x 120 cm) stacked € 11,50
Block pallets (100 x 120 cm) stacked € 11,50 ( max. 15 pieces / €8,00 credit )
Half pallet box € 25,00
Half pallet box € 25,00 ( max. 4 stacked / €22,50 credit )
Pallet box € 32,50
Pallet box € 32,50 ( max. 3 stacked / €29,00 credit )
Export pallet small € 29,00
Export pallet small € 29,00 ( 2 stacked together / €24,00 credit )
Ferro large (incl. 4 poles) € 350,00
Ferro large (incl. 4 poles) € 350,00 ( max. 8 pcs. stacked / €330,00 credit )
Ferro small (incl. 4 poles) € 250,00
Ferro small (incl. 4 poles) € 250,00 ( max 8 pcs. stacked / €230,00 credit )
Height Crates (VMH) € 4,60
Height Crates (VMH) € 4,60 ( 40 pcs. per pallet / €4,10 credit )
Low Crates (VML) € 3,50
Low Crates (VML) € 3,50 ( 60 pcs. per pallet / €3,00 credit )
Euro pallets (80x120 cm) stacked € 13,00
Euro pallets (80x120 cm) stacked € 13,00 ( max. 15 pieces / €11,00 credit )

Name and address details

Company Name  *
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Postal Code  *
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Please keep the Packing easily accessible (on hard surfaces) and neatly stacked.

Thank you for submitting the form! If necessary, we will contact you as soon as possible.
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