Projects for towns and squares

Projects for towns and squares

Trees in towns and squares

Trees make a significant contribution to the natural balance in the built environment. Climate change, extreme heat and drought alternated with excessive rainfall make ever greater demands on the urban environment.

Squares give a city or village an identity. Trees and other plants make a significant contribution to the experience, identity and the use of those squares. They define the atmosphere and appearance and provide a relaxed and shady place where users can just recharge. They define the atmosphere and appearance and provide a relaxed and shady place where users can just recharge.

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Trees on squares
Large city square or picturesque village square?

Large city square or picturesque village square?

Ebben Nurseries offers a wide range of trees for squares and future-proof urban trees.

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Reference projects squares

  • Museum Square, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • Stadserf, Schiedam, the Netherlands

  • Station Square, Leiden, the Netherlands

  • Vismarkt, Groningen, the Netherlands

  • Market Square, Wijchen, the Netherlands

  • Arsenaalplein, Grave, the Netherlands

  • Piusplein, Tilburg, the Netherlands

  • Pieterskerkhof, Leiden, the Netherlands

  • City Hall Square, The Hague, the Netherlands

  • Louis Jansenplein, Cuijk, the Netherlands

  • Station Square, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

  • Station Square, Middelburg, the Netherlands

  • Spuiplein, Breskens, the Netherlands

  • Station Square, Cuijk, the Netherlands

  • Centre Square, Beverwijk, the Netherlands

  • Statenplein, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

  • Admiraalplein, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

  • Spuiplein, The Hague, the Netherlands

  • Catharinaplein, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

  • Vaillantplein, The Hague, the Netherlands

  • Tesselseplein, The Hague, the Netherlands

  • Stellenbosplein, The Hague, the Netherlands

  • Triavium, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

  • Marlene Dietrichplatz, Berlin, Germany

  • Village square, Serris, France

  • Place de L’Étoile, Strasbourg, France

  • Place Johann Strauss, Tours, France

  • Place de la Gare, Thionville, France

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