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Urban trees for the future

Trees are the key to the liveable city of the future. They make a significant contribution to the natural balance in the built environment. Climate change, extreme heat and drought alternated with excessive rainfall make ever greater demands on the urban environment.

TreeEbb tree search tool

The Ebben TreeEbb is a wide-ranging tree tool which enables you to put together the perfect range for every green project in just a few clicks. In TreeEbb you will find an enormous collection of distinctive planting varieties with descriptions of varieties and photographs.

Trees and ecology

Through evaporation, trees create increased humidity and help to reduce temperature and CO₂. In towns and cities, along motorways and in industrial areas, trees also ensure better air quality. Trees help in the absorption of harmful pollutants, such as VOCs, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.

Workshops and green courses

In cooperation with landscape architects, district planners, green contractors, arborists and other green professionals, we put together an inspiring programme of courses, including workshops and lectures, for the green sector.

The planting season

The tree-planting season for trees in open ground starts from the moment that their leaves fall in the autumn. The planting season ends when the new buds start to emerge in the early spring.

Planting-hole preparation and soil improvement

A planting hole should be dug carefully. The space which the tree gets in the planting hole is not the same as the space taken up by the root system. In addition, soil improvement is often necessary before trees are planted in urban areas. This can be done by turning over the soil, preparing the planting location with tree sand or tree gravel, or improving it with fungal dominated humus compost.

Caring for trees after planting

Trees require care, particularly during the first years after planting. The first pruning is important to optimise the root-to-crown ratio. During dry periods, the tree will not yet be able to find enough water itself, so watering is also indispensable during the first three years. And just like in natural situations, the tree needs nutrients to grow.

Anchoring trees

Once the tree has been planted, it must be anchored, to ensure it does not start to bend over or rock as well as to prevent new root growth being damaged by the tree moving too much. 

Descriptions in specifications

An accurate description in the specifications will ensure that you are supplied with the right trees and plants. Check here which parts are important for the specifications. 

Transporting, loading and unloading trees

The right equipment is very important for transporting trees to the project site. The contractor who will be planting the tree must be aware of the dimensions and weight of the trees beforehand and must take these into account in their quotes.

Trees in the planting plan

For landscape architects, trees form important elements to create structure and atmosphere, in combination with other planting and the structures within the design.

Trees and outdoor lighting

Trees and lamp posts are often placed alternately in a straight line. This often leads to problems. Three factors are important for determining the distance from a lamp post to a tree: 1. the branch-free stem up to where the crown begins; 2. the crown width; 3. the height of the light point.

Research Urban Greenery 2021

The Urban Greenery 2021 project was started in 2009 by the Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture. It is a trial to test trees in order to achieve the widest possible range that can withstand the urban climate and heat and drought stress.

Pruning trees - Pruning Guide

Guided pruning, maintenance pruning, pruning shape trees and pruning topiary trees? You will find everything that you should know here.

Shape trees and topiary trees

Shape trees are trees that have and maintain their shape without intensive human intervention. Topiary trees get their shape through pruning.

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