Trees in specifications

Trees in specifications

Descriptions in specifications

In order to ensure that you are supplied with the desired trees and plants, the following descriptions are important in the specifications:

  • The full botanical name

  • The size

    • trees: trunk circumference, measured a metre from the base

    • shrubs: height

    • other planting: pot size

  • The quantity

  • The height at which the tree's crown should begin

  • The number of times the tree has been replanted at the nursery if necessary

Description of multi-stem trees

For multi-stem trees, the description in the specifications needs to be more detailed than for standard trees. It's important to state the following clearly:

  • The minimum number of stems

  • One individual or several individuals

  • The height and possibly the width

  • The height at which the tree's crown should begin

Clarification: a multi-stem that consists of one individual is often more expensive than several individuals planted together, due to the required care and training at the nursery. There are species in which several individuals planted together will grow together to form a beautiful multi-stem. But, in other species, competition develops between individuals if they are planted together and the final look will not be harmonious. In other words, one or more of the stems will grow better or one of the individuals may even die. In this case, planting a multi-stem that consists of a single individual is preferable. Our tree specialists will be happy to provide you with advice on making the right choice for your green project.

Trees that determine the look

Trees that determine the look for part of the plan should be described in more detail in the specifications. This could include multi-stem trees, characteristic trees or other unusual species and shapes. These trees have a unique appearance, there is no common growth habit. We recommend coming to our nursery to select the trees that will determine the look yourself. This way the quality will be ensured within the available budget and there is the option of reconsidering the choice of species where necessary, or adjusting the size and/or form of the trees.

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Weight and equipment

The equipment you need for transportation and planting of trees depends partly on the weight of the rootball. The average weight of rootballs in relation to the trunk circumference of the tree can be found in the rootball information table.

Download the rootball information table

As well as trees and shrubs, you can also order all the associated equipment you require, such as tree stakes, irrigation barriers, straps and root hooks at Ebben Nurseries.

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