It is a characteristic feature of perennials that the roots survive the winter, and they sprout again in the spring. They are non-woody plants which flower several times, form seeds and in all cases live for longer than two years.

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Seasonal experience

Perennials form an important part of planting and deliver a strong seasonal experience. The woody plants, trees and shrubs provide height and structure. The perennials fill the space and provide colour. A good mix of perennials, with differences in flowering period, leaf shapes, colours and heights means enjoyment throughout the year.

Perennials plan

A plan and a selection or plants are important for the success of a design. When selecting the plants, bear in mind the following factors:

  • Soil: choose plants which are suited to the soil type
  • Structure in growth heights in the section to be planted
  • Location in relation to sun, shade, shelter, wind
  • Variation in flowering period
  • Harmonising colours
  • Time for maintenance. Where intensive maintenance is carried out, different plants and plant combinations are possible from those in a border in public gardens where the municipality mows and clears away weeds only once a year.

Perennials and public green spaces

Just like other green elements, perennials contribute to the quality of life and climate resistance of cities. Perennials make the difference in quality and amenity value of the entire park or public garden. There are few green elements in which so much colour, variation and insect life occurs as in a bed of perennials. Often, in urbanised areas the impact of public greenery cannot be increased by extending the surface area, but it is possible by choosing the right varieties. The varieties chosen for public green spaces are those which form attractive dense sections with minimal maintenance. Good dense planting in sections prevents weeds and ensures minimal evaporation of water from the ground. An annual mowing and application of fertiliser is sufficient as maintenance.

Solutions for parks

"At Ebben Nurseries we can in principle (co-)supply all perennials in your design. The benefits of this are lower transport costs, a competitive price and a complete supply package at the agreed time. We take back any return containers immediately."

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