Flower bulbs

Flower bulbs

Flower bulbs

Flower bulbs make the design complete. They are available in all varieties, sizes and colours and add extra flair to any garden or park. They fit in everywhere, regardless of whether the garden style is traditional, modern or natural. The power is the mass, plant them in large groups!

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A longer flowering season

Flower bulbs, tubers and rhizomes are sold dry, and by planting them you extend the flowering season; both in spring and autumn. There are also numerous bulbs which do just as well during the familiar summer dip when fewer perennials are flowering and the bulbs provide a spectacular view. However, there is an established principle: spring flowering bulbs are planted in autumn (September – November) and summer flowering bulbs go in the ground after mid-May.

Naturalising bulbs

Flower bulbs are well suited for naturalising. Naturalising bulbs are flower bulbs or tubers which come up again every year and multiply mostly by seed.. These are often small varieties of bulbs such as snowdrops or corcusses. And who isn’t familiar with the carpets of blue grape hyacinths (Muscari) in dry shady places or areas with white wood anemones. For a natural look, the bulbs are planted en masse and widely spread over several planting beds. The strength is the mass! 

Flower bulbs and public green spaces

Planting machines are used for large-scale planting of flower bulbs. Using these it is possible for entire banks and grass verges to be planted quickly and accurately. After flowering, all the brown foliage is cut off. If fertiliser is applied, this is done at an early stage to avoid competition with the grass. For the same reasons, bulbs with little foliage are the most suitable for public green spaces.

Choosing flower bulbs

The choice of flower bulbs is enormous. There is a wide variety of shapes and colours. What is more, virtually all combinations of bulbs are possible, with other bulbs and also with other planting. Flower bulbs can be planted singly, in groups or as a mix. The possibilities are infinite. However, when choosing, bear in mind the following features:

  • Annual, perennial or naturalising bulbs
  • Flowering period: spring or summer
  • Position: soil type, sun, shade, grass or border
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