Shape trees and topiary trees

Shape trees and topiary trees

Shape trees and topiary trees

The specific difference between shape trees and topiary trees is that the former relates to the natural shape of the tree, while topiary trees are shaped by pruning. 

Shape trees:

  • Standard trees and half-stem trees

  • Feathered trees

  • Multi-stem trees

  • Weeping trees

  • Columnar trees

  • Globe trees

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Shape Tree Guide

In the Shape Tree Guide, you can read all about trees that obtain and retain their shape without intensive human intervention.

Pruned topiary trees with and without stems

  • Berceaus

  • Geometric shapes: beehive, globe, block, cylinder, egg-shaped, bowl, trapezium, column

  • Roof-form

  • Candelabra

  • Pollard

  • Espalier

  • Pleached

  • Multi-stem umbrella and roof-form

  • Hedges and hedge elements

  • Sculptures of nature

The Topiary Tree Guide will tell you all about trees that obtain and retain their form through pruning.

Download the Topiary Tree Guide
We Are Multi-stem

We Are Multi-stem

Ebben Nurseries has a very extensive range of multi-stem trees, for both rural and urban applications. In our book ‘We Are Multi-stem’, we aim to inspire you through our range of multi-stem trees and their practical applications.

See inside

Sculptures of nature

Alongside the regular shapes, Ebben Nursery also has exclusive shape trees, the 'sculptures of nature'. These are unique forms, only a couple of specimens of which are available. If you would like to find out more about these trees, please contact us.

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