Ebben achieves ISO 14001 certification

Tuesday 05 January 2016

Ebben has succeeded in achieving ISO 14001 with flying colours and is therefore the only grower of large-size trees in the Netherlands with this certification. “In addition to the Milieukeur ecolabel and ISO 9001 for quality management, we now have the ISO environmental management certification that demonstrates that sustainable and future-focused entrepreneurship is implemented structurally in our organisation,” says Ebben’s responsible for the project, Sajanth Jayakkumaran. As a KAM coordinator at Ebben, Sajanth is responsible for quality, working conditions and environment.

Even greener with ISO 14001
ISO 14001 is the international norm for environmental management and its implementation. “By achieving the certificate, we not only meet laws and regulations in the area of environment, but guarantee all environmental aspects at our company and ensure continuous improvement. Both at our nursery and in our office."

Environmental management
ISO 14001 is focused, among other things, on the management of environmental risks and avoiding environmental contamination. “This could include separating waste streams and recycling of materials according to the circular economy, for example. An economic system that optimises reuse of products and raw materials and minimises value destruction. We compost green waste at the nursery. Wood waste is reused. Yew trimmings are collected for use in medication. Rain and irrigation water is collected and reused, after natural purification through the ground. We also work with organic fertilisation and disease control methods, for example.

High ratings
In the audit report for the environmental certification, Ebben scores particularly highly on the following aspects:

  • Operationally strong, hands-on mentality.
  • Creative and innovative.
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Passion and expertise
  • Open organisation with engaged employees

Create support
First of all, achieving the certification was of course a major policy project. Sajanth: “We charted the impact of our activities on the environment, got to grips with laws and regulations and implemented an environmental management system. All in all, a lot of administration. The next challenge was the implementation of the system within the organisation and the creation of support. Everyone has done really well. It's really great to see real progress being made.”

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