Erasmus University Best Outdoor Space 2014

Saturday 07 February 2015

The Erasmus University in Rotterdam is the Best Outdoor Space of 2014. The winner accepted the prize during the National Conference on Outdoor Space in Nijmegen. Designer Huub Juurlink had already explained during the presentations on the first day of the National Conference on Outdoor Space that he is very pleased with this project. "The Erasmus University site is the project I have been most proud of in my career. The old situation was terrible, so it was a very rewarding task to redesign the outdoor space."

Best Outdoor Space Award
Dozens of designers, contractors and municipalities submitted projects to be considered for the Falco Best Outdoor Space Award. This year, the jury consisted of experts from the government, architecture, lighting, marketing, greenery, concrete and outdoor-space design sectors. Station environments, village squares, parks and university sites were all evaluated. The assessment of the seven jury members resulted in the following nominees: the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Helmond station environment and the Catharina Amaliapark in Apeldoorn. The entrants for these projects then attempted to persuade the jury of the quality of their outdoor space during the first day of the National Conference on Outdoor Space. Based on individual lists drawn up by the jury, the Erasmus University Rotterdam came out on top.

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Huub Juurlink spoke about the renovated university site along the A16 on behalf of Juurlink [+] Geluk. In 2009, the site was in an awful state. It is now being given shape through organic growth. The jury was impressed by the total makeover during the presentation, and praised the masterplan. Attention was not only paid to making the space more attractive by adding features like trees and benches - the location was really designed at all levels. The addition of a number of major elements, such as the central axis, underground parking, green spaces and striking places at which to meet, really made the outdoor space totally complete and delivered a change of character. The costs during the construction and management phases were also carefully considered. With the Erasmus campus, Rotterdam has gained a campus for students and lecturers as well as a high-quality outdoor space for everyone.


Photo impression and project information
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