Climate-resistant design with wadis and a matching range?

Thursday 23 July 2020

Climate change is bringing more and more heavy downpours along with the resulting floods. So it is very important to plant cities in a more climate-resistant way.

One of the possibilities for climate-resistant design of cities is to create floodable water-infiltration areas - known as wadis. Water is buffered in these areas. It remains standing for no more than 24 hours and gradually infiltrates the ground over that time. This reduces the pressure on drain systems and water-purification installations. Planting wadis with trees helps them to function better: the trees absorb water which then evaporates and the water infiltrates deeper due to the tree roots. Trees that are suitable for planting in wadis are resistant against temporary flooding and temporary drought. After all, a higher infiltration capacity ensures faster water drainage and therefore drier ground.

Want to know which varieties are suitable for this unusual location? Our TreeEbb makes searching very easy with these filters:

Find trees for wadis
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