‘We Are Multi-stem’ book and memory game

Sunday 08 February 2015

With their organic forms, multi-stem trees offer a beautiful contrast in urban environments and are used more and more often for green projects in outdoor spaces. They create a unique atmosphere and natural experience through their characteristic appearance and the large diversity of forms. In the unique reference work and inspiring memory game 'We are multi-stem' from Ebben Nurseries, green professionals are introduced to a wide range of multi-stem trees and their applications in practice.

In the 120-page book, around eighty species of multi-stems are covered, with beautiful photographs and descriptions. The characteristics, sizes and availability are included for each species along with a seasonal chart which shows the tree's main colours throughout the year at a glance. The book also gives examples of projects in which multi-stem trees have been used. Alongside more than eighty species with descriptions, there is a full list of multi-stems at the back of the book.

Unique multi-stem memory game
Together, a selection of characteristic multi-stems from the book form a memory game, through which readers can test their know-how to grow whilst having fun. A journey of discovery for professionals in the green sector, which helps to broaden and deepen knowledge of plants in a playful way. The design of outdoor space is and remains an interplay of diverse components in which plant choice plays a determining role.

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Broadening and deepening knowledge of plants
With this unique reference book and memory game, Ebben Nurseries hopes to make a contribution to broadening and deepening knowledge of plants. Director/owner Toon Ebben: "We hear from all kinds of parties throughout the sector that broader knowledge of plants is needed. By sharing our know-how, we want to create a platform through which we can work with urban planners and landscape architects to complete green projects that contribute to atmosphere, human scale, green experience, biodiversity and harmony in the built environment. In the reference book and fun tree game, we wish to inspire other professionals through unusual umbrella-shaped multi-stems and solitaries as well as international practical examples."

Natural richness of form and colour
Through their natural richness of form and colour, multi-stem trees offer infinite possibilities in outdoor spaces. They are beautiful park trees that create surprising depth and provide much more natural experience than standard trees. Much more of the tree can be seen at eye level, thanks to the beautiful structure of the multiple stems. Around buildings, multi-stems form a wonderful contrast to the sharp, urban lines, and cast a pleasant shadow on the façades. And at natural playgrounds, solitary multi-stems are perfect climbing trees.

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