Private Garden, Raeren, Belgium  </br>1.2. Tree Award 1st Prize

Private Garden, Raeren, Belgium
1.2. Tree Award 1st Prize

In the rolling landscape around Raeren, Belgium, design bureau Exterior and Ebben Nurseries created an exceptional private garden. A modern, cubist home - with wide views across the landscape - is framed by monumental multi-stems and standard trees. In front of the large glass panes in the living room, seven-metre-tall multi-stem Zelkovas were planted, which filter the sunlight and bring cooling. With their whimsical trunks, the large trees frame the landscape as it were, creating an interesting effect.

In front of the house, fifteen standard Pine trees with a trunk circumference of 50 to 80 cm dominate the landscape. They bring a mysterious atmosphere, which the landscape architect believes cannot be equalled by any other species. The three-hectare garden is also planted with various species of multi-stem trees, some of which are flowering, and six mature London planes around the terrace for shade and a pleasant French-style atmosphere.



With this project, Exterior and Ebben won first place in the 1.2. Tree Award, a distinction for successful and sustainably developed garden and park projects. The 1.2. Tree Award considers the following criteria:


  • the importance of trees in the project
  • creativity and innovation: how are the trees integrated into the project (new perspectives, uses, creative design, resolute choices, tree choice etc.)
  • balance and determination of the project: harmony, long-term, functionality and sustainability
  • integration with the existing environment
  • technical implementation, craftsmanship


The jury was impressed in particular by the multi-stem Zelkovas, which are planted close to the house and “create a very special effect.”

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