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Hyatt Hotel Düsseldorf

Hyatt Hotel Düsseldorf

The Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf is located right on the Rhine, in the vibrant district of Medienhafen. As part of the 'Hafenspitze Düsseldorf' project, two sixty-five-metre-high towers, in which the Hyatt Hotel is located, were constructed in the district. The outside space at the towers was split into two parts by WKM Landscape architects from Düsseldorf. There is an outdoor space at the first-floor level, from which there is a wonderful view across the harbour and the city's Rheinpromenade. The design consists of a seating area and lawn, crossed by meandering paths. The glass ventilation shafts are flanked by containers planted with red dogwood and evergreen irises. On the promenade at ground level are ten-metre tall, multi-stem Sophora japonica, which are reflected in both towers. 

  • Location
    Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Area
    3.5 hectares
  • Design
    WKM Landscape architects, Germany
  • Contact person
    Ebben Nurseries, Marcus Kuhbrügge
  • Planting

    Including Sophora japonica

  • Groundworks
    Leonhards, Wuppertal
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