Ebben Inspyrium Roof Garden Cuijk

Ebben Inspyrium Roof Garden Cuijk

A wide variety of multi-stemmed trees at about eight metres above ground level form a natural contrast to the industrial look of the Inspyrium. 

Visual experience and edibility

The roof garden features a variety of multi-stemmed trees and shrubs, islands of perennials, fruit trees, herbs and façade greenery. It is a varied, organic landscape with cosy seating areas, a greenhouse, a pergola and a bar, as well as floating dining chairs at a floating table and 3D printed benches. There is also a windmill that automatically refills the birds' drinking bowl by means of an overflow, a large bird's nest and bird boxes from a bird working group. The gigantic tree house with a beautiful view over the landscape and the roof garden completes the picture. A strip of characterful trees with compound leaves and underplanting with mainly large-leaved shrubs/plants and many ferns provide a jungle feel at the tree house.

For the plant lover, the assortment is special. A wealth of species and biodiversity, in all seasons. The 'jungle trees' have edible fruit in most cases, and trees giving edible fruit have also been used in the islands. The underplanting of herbs such as dwarf origanum, hyssop, savory, creeping thyme, wild garlic, sage and mint complements this.

At the back of the roof garden, an acid-loving corner has been set up. Here, lime-rich lava substrate has not been applied, but more acidic roof garden substrate with peat. Blueberry, cranberry, honeyberry, foxberry, mountain tea and goji berry do very well here.

The auditorium has a 200 m² office roof garden. The edges are designed along the lines of a cultivated Holland landscape with multi-stem black birch - Betula nigra, sea buckthorn and marram grass. The centre section has a more formal layout with multi-stem Japanese Zelkova - Zelkova serrata and hornbeam - Carpinus betulus, with an underscore of ornamental grasses, ferns and gorse.

The ‘Edible Garden’ at eight metres above ground level, forms a natural contrast with the industrial appearance of the premises. On the ‘heavier’ section large multi-stem climbing trees have been planted, such as Juglans nigra and Castanea sativa. The ‘lighter’ section is laid out as an orchard with trained pear and apple trees, half-standard fruit trees and special varieties such as Diospyros kaki, Cydonia oblonga and Poncirus trifoliata. The underscore consists of bilberries, wild strawberries and a large variety of herbs. Raspberries, grapes, blackberries and kiwis grow on the green walls.

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